Underneath the Laces 👟

Simple - An Eco Pioneer 

In the early 2000's, Simple started experimenting with recycled car and bicycle tires, used inner tubes and repurposed plastic jugs.  In 2007 this research culminated in the EcoSneak collection.  Above and beyond recycling, Simple had begun to use water-based glues, organic cotton and bamboo.  The shoe industry responded by awarding Simple the first ever Footwear Plus Green Award.  This new sourcing put Simple on the map in a new way.  The resulting product redefined exactly what Simple was all about.   

We continue to strive to make the best decisions around materials, processes, and labor so we can leave our planet breathing and happy for future generations.  In a thousand years, we still want everyone to be able to enjoy a long slow walk. 

Made to Last

Parts & Engineering

We can't "buy" our way to sustainability.   With a laser focus on social and environmental realities, one of the best ways we contribute is to make quality shoes that last.  Often, we hear "I've had my Simple Shoes for over 20 years."  We take pride in being members of the anti-plastics, anti-throw away movement. 

Simple sifts through the multitude of materials, components and compounds available to footwear manufacturers to do our best to provide you with only honest ingredients that support the longevity of our planet - and that lead to a comfortable, long wearing shoe that performs as it is intended. 


The OS and Retro 91 

We have found that while most shoe technology is just hype, there are a few underlying features that lead to a comfortable, eco-friendly shoe. 

When the OS or Retro 91 fits on your foot, feels comfy and has Simple's Ubersquish insoles providing a sustainable solution to enhance your impact performance and long term cushioning......... well, that's a nicer place for your feet to live. 

A few other ways Simple Shoes helps our planet. We only use water-based glues. Our outsoles are part recycled rubber and toluene free.  Our laces are free of any harmful dyes and we only source suede from eco-friendly tanneries.  

We think you get the gist.  We all have one planet and take our part in preserving it seriously. 


The Making of our Simple Shoes

Since our beginnings in the early 90's, our shoes have always been responsibly sourced and manufactured in Asia - specifically in China and Viet Nam. 

Our shoemakers follow a code of ethics focused on workers rights and abide by fair trade rules. Many of our shoe craftsmen have been with us for years and are true members of the Simple tribe.  Their families' celebrations are our celebrations. 

We select our manufacturing partners using criteria of a high bar with ongoing monitoring to ensure the right code of conduct is maintained. 

Culture and environment aren't just buzz words at Simple. Our manufacturing partners operate in a world of dignity, respect and trust. And, in the end, Simple shoemakers deliver quality products that make us proud and your feet happy. 



If you call us hippies, we'll take it. The SLO is a vegan, organic cotton canvas shoe. While it shares all the eco-friendly attributes of the OS, the SLO is made with Organic Cotton and love. 

Besides being softer, hypoallergenic and longer lasting, organic cotton protects our eco-system, reduces water waste and delivers a safer working environment for both farmers and the folks working in manufacturing facilities. 

The SLO Organic Cotton is made from natural seeds and there is no use of pesticides or other harmful ugly chemicals.  Instead of using the same soil over and over, our cotton is rotated and the nutrients retain water longer, requiring less irrigation.  

All in all, the SLO is not only designed for crazy comfort, it is also designed to help maintain a healthier planet.