Early Eco Pioneers

In the early 2000's, Simple started experimenting with recycled car and bicycle tires, used inner tubes and repurposed plastic jugs.  In 2007 this research culminated in the EcoSneak collection.  Above and beyond recycling, Simple had begun to use water-based glues, organic cotton and bamboo.  The shoe industry responded by awarding Simple the first ever Footwear Plus Green Award.  This new sourcing put Simple on the map in a new way.  The resulting product redefined exactly what Simple was all about.   We continue to strive to make the best decisions around materials, processes, and labor so we can leave our planet breathing and happy for future generations.  In a thousand years, we still want everyone to be able to enjoy a long slow walk. 

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We see a lot of people making shoes out of Brazilian frog skins, eucalyptus seeds, discarded Red Bull cans, old Halloween candy, and worn truck seats.  At Simple we support and applaud all of these efforts and are doing whatever we can to make shoes that don't beat up the environment ... while keeping things Simple.



We can't "buy" our way to sustainability.   Sami is getting me a better version of this image. 


talk about OS and Retro and the eco things about them 


We make our shoes in China


talk about SLOs beging Vegan and made from Organic Cotton. get Sami to get rid of the "BE MORE SIMPLE" and add a similar background to the other 2 images. 

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