About Simple

Simple® began on a Friday morning at 11AM in 1991.

A reaction to the excesses of the previous decade, Simple® Founder Eric Meyer wanted to create a shoe brand that he wanted to wear – something that didn’t fit the mold of the current market.

sual footwear, but without the flash or ego. Sustainably-minded and built for the open minded.

With this inclusive ethos, Simple® was soon adopted far beyond the rugged landscape of Central California from which it was born. Skaters, musicians, architects, professors, fashionistas and extra ordinary people from all walks of life suddenly found themselves lacing up a pair – and the rest is history.

As we prepare for the next 30 years, our future is wide open. But what we know is this:

In a world that's more chaotic than ever, we're proud to be Simple.
About Simple Shoes