since the '90s

Simple Shoes, Sneakers, and Clogs

We’ve taken the very best casual shoe trends and combined them with our passion for making sustainable, quality footwear.  Since our creation in 1991 in Southern California, we've been paying homage to the influences that inspire us.  Skateboarders, surfers, artists, musicians and humanity.  We create classic sneakers and clogs that are old school throwbacks with modern relevance.  In the end we always strive to, well ... Keep It Simple.

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Our Simple Sneakers and Clogs are Made to be Just That

While we’ve always got plenty of ideas whirling through our minds, we often have to reel it back and contain ourselves. Why? Because our concepts are based on simplicity – the best casual shoes come from being able to keep things minimalistic, and each of our designs is a nod towards this.

Simple Ways

Authentic Craftsmanship

Authentic Craftsmanship

The Simple Shoes Crew recently took a long walk to Upstate New York and met up with Nick Jasikoff, a local woodworker and craftsman. Nick has enjo...

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