Authentic Craftsmanship

Authentic Craftsmanship

The Simple Shoes Crew recently took a long walk to Upstate New York and met up with Nick Jasikoff, a local woodworker and craftsman. Nick has enjoyed woodworking since he could pick up a hammer and nail. He has worked in any space he could find; an empty garage, a borrowed basement, even outside, which you know is bold if you have ever spent a winter in New York. Since then he has stepped up his game and is now the proud owner and operator of Strong Brow Woodworking Company.

Strong Brow creates custom furniture and one of a kind home goods. Nick works individually with local customers, listens to their ideas and creates unique and beautiful pieces designed specifically for their space.

Nick truly believes in quality over quantity. All of his pieces are built using hand crafted, wood joinery techniques. “Strength and longevity are equally as important as the beauty of a piece” says Nick. He feels he owes it to every customer to ensure the quality of every inch of his work, even the parts they don’t see.

There is a certain simplicity and beauty in wood. Each piece of wood is hand picked to fit and work perfectly with the piece next to it. “Starting with raw natural wood and transforming it into a product of simple, functional beauty is a satisfying and skillful art form” Nick says.

While working his simple craft, Nick loves wearing his SLOs. If he’s working in his wood shop or running to the lumber yard his Simple Shoes keep him moving. Not to mention, they look great covered in sawdust!  Learn more about Nick and Strong Brow Woodworking.