Well Worn and Well Loved

Well Worn and Well Loved

paying homage to old simple friends

Simple has been around in people's lives for a long time. Sometimes we forget how long but then someone will send us a reminder and tell us about their "Simple friends" that they need to replace. And they tell us stories.  

These stalwarts are on the rocks of Norway - yes, Norway! They've been in their friend Johns' life for 22 years. He says he loves them. They are beaten and worn. Some would say "worn out", but John says "worn in". This cool old style from the past had the words "Future" and "Past" on the soles. we used to be so cool.  John says that "Future" is still visible but "Past" is a bit fuzzy now ....... seems appropriate to us. They have withstood the harsh Norwegian environment through all seasons for a quarter of a lifetime. But now they are worthy of a well-earned retirement. At least John's wife thinks so.  

The momentarily sad ending to this story is that we don't have that style in stock right now. But, hallelujah, they are being made right now and we should see a new pair of John's friends on a Norwegian beach sometime next year.  



still cool after all these years.