Together We Roam

One third of the van-life traveling trio, Together We RoamJenelle Kappe explores The States with her boyfriend, Parker Hilton, and mini Australian shepherd, Emma, to capture breathtaking cross-country imagery. “The idea behind the name Together We Roam is predominantly about traveling and experiencing this world with each other and anyone else who’d care to join us,” writes Jenelle. “It’s really about shared experiences and the people you meet along the way. That’s what makes all the difference.”

Exploration has always been a part of Jenelle’s life. Growing up, her parents loved to plan family vacations that took them all over the country and around the world, and by the end of high school, Jenelle began embarking on journeys of her own. After graduating from RIT with a BFA in photojournalism, Jenelle spent time volunteering on the small Brazilian island, Fernando de Noronha. Aiding with English and computer classes and photographing daily school activities, Jenelle fell in love with the Brazilian way of life.

“There is this passion that exists in Brazil – the music, the dancing, the food, the relationships,” Jenelle explains. “Their lives are simple, with little to no materialism, but they live them so vehemently. That way of life is something that I found a connection with, something I obtained inspiration from, something I try and live my life by every day.”

Jenelle admits she’s not much for material items, and her wardrobe doesn’t boast many flashy statement pieces. She writes, “I not only relate with the versatile and relaxed look of my Simple shoes (they’d basically go with any outfit I own), I love their practicality. Really, you just slip those puppies on, and you’re ready to go.” Since winning a pair of Satires through our #SeekingSimple Instagram competition earlier this year, Jenelle has journeyed through Arizona and Baja, Mexico, and up the California coast. While she looks forward to this year’s wedding season (her photography career’s bread and butter), she can’t wait to pile back in the van with Parker and Emma and get back on the road.