Surfistas Travelogue

Surfistas Travelogue

Venezuelan journalist Daniela Hernandez Pedraza surfs and travels the world, gathering insights and stories for Surfistas, a one-of-a-kind travelogue, complete with journal excerpts, quotes and travel tips you won’t find in most travel guides. Daniela has been drawn to traveling since she can remember and admits to feeling most at home while she’s moving around.

When asked what inspired her to start Surfistas, Daniela explained, “When I was 18, I started backpacking, and, thanks to travel guides, I was able to do it alone. I am pretty adventurous, but I am very grateful these guides existed. Sometimes you just need a little bit of information to start dreaming about the trip, to know someone else did it and to just pack and go. Nevertheless, these guides always intrigued me. I wanted to know about the person who wrote them, what they were thinking and feeling, but I could only get facts from them. That was the inspiration for Surfistas, to create a travel guide with thoughts from the heart to inspire other people to travel.”

Constantly on the move, Daniela must always consider the best ways to travel. She is very discerning about her possessions, and every time she purchases something new, she let’s something go. “I like simple, good things in life,” says Daniela. “That’s how I relate to Simple Shoes, the philosophy and the design reflects who I am, and it blends in with my lifestyle.”

Daniela’s travel plans are never set in stone, and she doesn’t know where she’s headed next, but you can bet that the surf will be good and the skies will be sunny.

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