Serving Up Simple

Chef, restaurateur and philanthropist, Marilyn Schlossbach understands that sometimes you need to share life’s simplest pleasures with your community. Marilyn, whose restaurants have been a pillar in the resurgence of the beach town of Asbury Park, NJ, has made it her mission to address the needs of her diverse community through endeavors such as free holiday dinners and her involvement with the cafe and job-training facility, Kula Cafe.

While Marilyn’s shorefront restaurant, Langosta Lounge, provides sustenance and libations for diners and beach-goers year-round, Marilyn also accommodates families and individuals with warm meals and a place to gather during the times of year people often find most trying – the holidays. Every fall, winter and spring, during Thanksgiving, Christmastime and Easter, Marilyn opens the doors of Langosta Lounge to anyone in need of a free meal in a friendly, festive atmosphere. She and a dedicated team of volunteers celebrate the spirit of the holidays by serving hearty dinners and providing guests with entertainment and gently worn clothing.

In addition to her holiday dinners, Marilyn also spearheaded the social enterprise, Kula Cafe. A paid job-training program and fully functioning cafe, Kula Cafe offers at-risk youth marketable hospitality-focused job experience while, in turn, providing the community with affordable, nutritious food.

Langosta Lounge’s holiday dinners and Kula Cafe’s job training program continue to bring people together while bolstering the local community. Since the inception of these initiatives, Marilyn has served thousands in her Simple shoes, and she looks forward to continuing the tradition for years to come.