: Simple Shoes Returns, Thanks to Kickstarter

6.6.15 – By John Januzzi

Back in the ’90s, I wore Simple OS-91s religiously. In a marketplace crowded by loud, athletic, and unnecessarily bright shoes, they were my guiding light. Most of the other kids in my school opted for Nikes, or Adidas, or whatever, but I was good without all that crap. Marci, who I’m sure you’ll all remember from the halls of my middle school, used to look down at my shoes and say, "simple things for simple people." But I knew Marci (who preferred Saucony) and the many other kids who rejected them just had poor taste. Simples were clean and easy, hence their clever name. Despite my devotion to them, the brand was forced to close its doors in 2011.

But here in 2015, anything can be resurrected by either the Lord of Light or Kickstarter. In this case, we’re looking at Kickstarter. Simple launched their campaign yesterday in hopes that they could once again offer the world high-quality sneakers. It didn’t take long for them to come roaring back to life—the campaign goal of $25,000 was beat within 24 hours. Seems I wasn’t the only one who loved to wear them. Now that they’re funded (and continuing to stack up the cash), they’ll be bringing back three of their signature styles with plans for more on the way. Excited as we are for the brand, we stand by the OS-91, the original and best.

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