Comically Simple

We spent an afternoon learning what’s current and cool in the comic book business from our new friend Menachem Luchins, owner of Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, New York. As a fan of the brand, he’s got a small but growing collection of Simple shoes and we hear he’s passing that brand interest along to his key employees too.

“On any given day I can be found selling an 8 year old her first comic, helping someone find just the right book, or looking up who published a certain artist in a certain decade. Running a comic shop keeps me on my feet a lot, and that’s part of why I love it. Customers know that once you get me talking about the medium I love I just sort of… bounce around, from shelf to shelf, topic to artist to writer to publisher and back again. Conrad, our manager, just wordlessly striding past me in his Simple Blue OS Sneakers, used to my crazy energy and busy doing the real work of running a comic shop.

A big part of how we want the shop to look has to do with line of sight, we want there to be something to catch your eye from pretty much any angle. But not geegaws or statues (ok, not many) we want you looking at the books, we want you seeing what a huge range of subject matter, style and format these comics come in. Whether it’s in our back issue room, our new releases or our kids’ section we highlight as much as the diverse world of comics offers.

I bounce from one to the other, staying steady but still looking like a small business owner who loves what he does, and with my Wingmans matching my style with my stride, I bounce on.  

Wouldn't you look cute in a cap!