A New Home

Following the success of our Kickstarter campaign, longtime Simple fan and writer Craig Heimbuch reached out to say a heartwarming "thanks." He wrote... 

"I’ve been a shoe geek for as long as I can remember. I read an article about Phil Knight and Tinker Hatfield when I was in elementary school - the height of the Jordan revolution. I was inspired. I began to draw the shoes, then design my own. Every week from fifth to ninth grade, I submitted a package of designs to a different company. Most were met with polite dismissal - a letter, a hat, some stickers. It all seemed so glossy and cool. Then I went into high school and suddenly what seemed like an amazing world of design and product began to feel foolish. Two hundred dollars for shoes? A joke - a ridiculous joke at that - and dangerous.

And then came Simple.

It was a pair of clogs, forest green with hemp piping. I saw them at the big box store. They caught my eye. I took a flyer, I found a new home.

Simple came at a time when I was defining myself as a person; the brand was an accessory as I developed my priorities and beliefs. Signal, not noise. Substance, not flash. Do, not have.

I’d love to say I had hundreds of pairs of Simple over the years. But the truth is that I didn’t. I had maybe five. I didn’t need more. That’s not to say I didn’t wear them a lot. I did - high school, college, my first job as a reporter, marriage. I wore them to the hospital the day my first child was born.

And then they were gone. A brand absorbed by another brand, killed by another brand. I couldn’t even buy them on eBay.

So, this note is to say thank you. Thank you for bringing back Simple. It was a pleasure to support your Kickstarter campaign, to play a small role in the rebirth of an important brand."

Well, we'd like to say thank you, Craig. Thank you for the support and kind words. We could not have brought Simple back without the help of people like you, who understand what Simple stands for and why we started making shoes in the first place.