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Deceptively Simple

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Deceptively Simple:

Often starting with the smallest of ideas,  Artist Thomas Kelly understands how to wield the power of simplicity to conjure a heartfelt response.

“As an artist, a painter, I tend to simplify things. I will leave some things out, to make the painting easier to understand, to assist the viewer to go in my direction. When I paint or draw, I design the rooms, the furniture, the clothes and the shoes. I choose the hair color, skin tone and wallpaper and find unity in the scene.

I like to say, “Paint what you know and it will appear honest.” If you look at my paintings you will see a lot of what I see. You will get to know some of the people that I know. This honesty- what you know and feel, like and dislike, shows through in the accents, the intonations - the things that I see in everyday life spill off the brush.

But in the end, I am a romantic, not a realist. And because I am not bound by what I see, there is an opportunity to create a world that reflects my passions, loves and fears in a way that lets my innermost thoughts occupy a physical place in the world. I draw from these ideas and then paint from these drawings, so even the largest and most involved of my paintings all begin from the tiniest sketch.”

A Colorful Yarn

Team Simple spent some time with Anna Upston, owner of Maupston Design Studio, one of the premiere design artists on the scene today in the burgeoning field of fiber art. Whether crafting her own colorful yarns or creating one-of-a-kind sculptures, Anna shows a creative depth and spirit that continues to distinguish her.Some artists use paint [...]

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Masters of Ink

The Simple team spent an awesome afternoon recently with Timmy and the crew from Timmy Tattoo. Located in a bustling metro area on Long Island, we were interested to see these artists at work. As an artist, my life and how I interact with the world is shaped by my art. In the tattoo [...]

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Comically Simple

We spent an afternoon learning what’s current and cool in the comic book business from our new friend Menachem Luchins, owner of Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, New York. As a fan of the brand, he’s got a small but growing collection of Simple shoes and we hear he’s passing that brand interest along to his key [...]

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Chicago Sunrise

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ursula Siker is a well known baker who has been featured on Zagat and Time Out and is currently based in Chicago. We spent a day with her at Hoosier Mama Pie Company where she serves as co-kitchen manager and doesn’t miss a beat in her Simple shoes.“I never thought I’d end up becoming a baker. Looking [...]

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West Coast Dreaming

We headed West for our Spring 2017 campaign, setting up shop in Venice, California for a few days. The damp but inspiring dawn, while chilly, was a welcome change from the snowy East Coast that we’re used to. From the comforts of Blue Star Donuts on Abbot Kinney Boulevard to the grassy meadows of Charmlee Wilderness Park in western Malibu, [...]

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Driving North on U.S. 101

As residents of San Francisco, we don’t often have to leave the city. Everything we need is at our fingertips and we don’t need to go far to find what we’re looking for. One thing we always look forward to though, is getting out of the city to breathe some fresh air and take in the scenery. Northern California [...]

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Surfing Malibu With Cajun Moon Holland

As a seventeen year old living in Malibu, CA, surfing is a significant part of my daily routine. I’m always awake an hour before the sun pops up behind the beautiful mountain ridges of Southern California. Seeing the perfect waves, feeling crisp offshore winds and hearing the hoots and hollers of my closest friends motivates [...]

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Chasing Simplicity in Japan

My boyfriend and I moved to Japan earlier this year so that Jerry could continue to chase his dreams of playing football. When I say football in Japan, most people probably think I'm talking about soccer, but no, they do actually have American football here. I would follow him anywhere but that doesn't mean that [...]

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A Simpler Life

Moving from Chicago to Indiana, we can now hear crickets and see the stars at night. We’ve traded subway platforms for tree-lined streets and our two-bedroom apartment for a three-bedroom house. Space has become our most cherished possession. There was less of it in Chicago – construction crews taking up most traffic lanes, subway passengers inviting themselves to share seats [...]

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