Driving North on U.S. 101

As residents of San Francisco, we don’t often have to leave the city. Everything we need is at our fingertips and we don’t need to go far to find what we’re looking for. One thing we always look forward to though, is getting out of the city to breathe some fresh air and take in the scenery. Northern California is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we’re lucky enough to have the conveniences of city living in close proximity to nature.

Our first stop is always the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point just north of the Golden Gate – one of the most magical views of the towering red bridge and the city by the bay. From there, we head north on US 101 into Marin County and seemingly get lost on the winding roads of Mt. Tamalpais State Park, ending up at one of our favorite places, Stinson Beach.

Miles upon miles of winding roads with views worth a million dollars make us feel rejuvenated. It doesn’t go unacknowledged that we live in such a magical metropolis and have the beauty of mother nature at our fingertips. From city streets and cable cars to rocky cliffs above the Pacific Ocean, our Simple Shoes carry us to the Bay Area’s most beautiful places.

We’re wearing the Satire-L in White and the Wingman in Black. Photos by Eduardo Moreno (@_eduard2).

Wouldn't you look cute in a cap!