Drive Through San Francisco

On the hunt for some high test urban inspiration, we took a Summer road trip to The City of Gold, San Fransisco. Ground zero for 1968's Summer of Love, the impossibly charming City by the Bay is perhaps California's truest cultural epicenter. It is a city of world class proportions with dynamic and distinct neighborhoods, head turning architecture, destination bridges that people pay just to walk across for the experience, and more good cuisine than you could eat in a lifetime. It is surrounded by ocean and close to the woods, prioritizes public transportation, and is home to creatives, fashionistas, hippies, techies, foodies. It is the anti-dote for too much Los Angeles. And, above all else, it is a living and breathing and brilliant mosaic of humanity that flat out inspires.

"The coldest winter I ever had was a summer in San Fransisco."

Wouldn't you look cute in a cap!