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a simple shoe company.

Simple Shoes is a Vintage American footwear and apparel brand that focuses on classic, skate and outdoor-inspired styles for consumers who align with its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Based on a foundation of core styles, Simple keeps its product line current by sourcing innovative, low impact materials and processes that reduce our overall footprint, while staying on-trend with contemporary colorways. 

Our community is a tribe of like-minded individuals who aim to navigate a complex planet by choosing brands that align with our values. We embrace progress, playfulness, quality and comfort while seeking out a lifestyle that lets us unplug and connect with our authentic self. For us, Simple represents a reliable, relatable brand that takes its mission seriously, with a wry sense of humor, so that we can make one less decision every day.

At Simple, we honor our sunny, SoCal heritage without slipping into the phony nostalgia of a soft-focus, idealized past. We believe that the opportunity to live a life with less clutter, fewer distractions and greater purpose lies ahead.

The Future is Simple.

September 2018 Update - Hello everyone.  Thanks for visiting.  We're sorry we're not able to sell you any shoes right at this very moment.  But we will be able to soon!  So check back and make sure we have your email so we can let you know when you can buy your favorite shoes again.